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the FourPaws Ladies


Danyell Peter, Owner & Pet Care Specialist

Founded FourPaws April, 2013

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."

I'm the owner and founded FourPaws dog walking & pet sitting in 2013. At the time, I was an Administrative Assistant for a Casino Gaming Company and I decided to supplement my income by doing something I knew I would love and have always done for my own pets, as well as friends and family' for animals! 


It's now 6 years later and my Staff and I do so much more than simply, "dog walk & pet sit".  FourPaws of South Jersey is now my passion in life and my sole career. I am taking the initiative to educate myself anyway I can to learn and grow not only as a Pet Care Specialist but also as a Business Owner in the Pet Service Industry.  Over the last year I've been spending most of my time in the office doing daily administrative tasks as well as; scheduling, setting up new clients, training and overseeing the FourPaws ladies.  However, I still make time at least one day per week to do what I love most.....visit your fur-babies!


I enjoy hiking and kayaking with my dog, Coda and my boyfriend.   I also enjoy golfing, playing organized sports, relaxing on the beach, taking guided tours while traveling, attending musicals at the theater as well as watching my favorite bands in concert!   

Pretty Penny in Pink 💓 _j_ketch_._._._.

Mary-Pat Alexander, Office Manager


March, 2019


My name is Mary Pat Alexander, I'm the newest member of the FourPaws team. You won't catch me walking any furry friends of yours but you will certainly find me in the office handling the invoicing and scheduling for all our wonderful clients. I took a break from the 9-5 life to become a mom 13 years ago and haven't looked back. I enjoy trips to the beach, watching Philly sports teams, spending time with my friends and family and making a lifetime of memories with my husband, Joe of 15 years and our 3 amazing children, Ava , Amanda and Joey.


Julie Holt, Administrative Assistant & Pet Care Specialist

September, 2019

Hi I’m Julie! I have been working with Four Paws of SJ since September, 2018. My path here began when I needed care for my own pets. I knew instantly why Danyell's business had such a great reputation. Her motto, “pets love us…people trust is” is 100% true. I was so impressed, and sharing that same passion for pets, I asked to apply for a part time job on the spot.

I have 3 grown children in college and over the years we have loved several dogs, guinea pigs, and a cat as part of our family. I work full time during the day at the Moorestown Police Department and work on weekends and occasional weeknights for FourPaws. I currently have Lucy, - a 10 year old Yorkie, Ruby – a 2 year old Black Lab, Leopold – a 2 year old Golden Retriever and Blackie-O – a 6 year old black cat that recently moved to college with my daughter.  I have an affinity with animals, a lifetime of experience with family pets and a love to help people – working part time as a pet sitter is the perfect job for me.

SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT! Getting to know FourPa

Beth Kenny, Pet Care Specialist

December, 2013

I have always been a huge animal lover! It's what makes me who I am. As a kid I knew every dog in the neighborhood. I'm a huge advocate for adoption and for the past few years I have devoted much of my time to helping reunite lost and found pets with their families through Facebook pages that are designated to the South Jersey area.  When there is a lost dog in my area I am able to get out and help search as well. I currently have 1 dog Jewel and 6 cats (Comet, Blaze, Ivy, Sadie, Mooch & Carrot-Top) all rescues. If we had to be away from them I need to know that they are well cared for and loved in the comfort of their own home until we can be with them again. So when I come to your home to care for your babies, whether it's a daily walk or a vacation visit, I take that very seriously and I absolutely love being with them! I truly love my job!

Sunday Spotlight!_Getting to know your P

Vickie Salvatore, Pet Care Specialist

March, 2016

I have been an avid animal lover and pet advocate my entire life.  As a child we had several pets, all of which I looked at as an extension of our family.  We simply embraced any living creature and certainly had our fair share of cats and dogs growing up.  I found a quote that sums up my feelings about pets: "Animals are such agreeable friends.  They ask no questions, they pass no criticism."  Simply put, being an animal companion is a rewarding privilege for me.  As part of the FourPaws family, I revel in my time with the animals I care for.  I especially enjoy dog walking  I find it peaceful and serene to take in the sights and sounds while in the great company of these wonderful pets.  My own rescue dog, Rocky, brings such joy to our home and I know that his care means the world to our family.  I take the same approach to your pets as I do my own.  As a responsible and loving pet owner, I will bring the same perspective and attitude to caring for your animals.  I take a great deal of pride in my duties.  It is an honor to be a part of such a great team!

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Sharon Sullivan, Pet Care Specialist

May, 2018

We have always had pets in our house...the usual dogs and cats, but even a few pet chickens, horses and even a cow named Abigail!  After working as a veterinary technician for 12 years my career took a different direction once I had children.  Now as I near retirement from working in education I was looking for something different to do that also brings me joy as days draw closer.  As an occasional client of FourPaws this seemed like the perfect fit for me!  I currently have 2 rescue dogs named Izzy (on the left) & Shadow.  I walk them daily around town and also like to take them on adventures including hiking, kayaking and even the occasional Yappy Hour. I feel that pets are like special friends and treasured family members, and will take care of yours as if they were my own!


Maggie Garris, Pet Care Specialist

June 2018

Hi, I’m Maggie!  I met Danyell through a good friend at work. The first time I met Danyell, I saw how extremely dedicated she was to giving each client the special care they needed.  I knew at that point, I was sold in helping her take care of her furry babies. A little about me...I work full time as an Investigator at the Attorney Generals Office for 21 years in Cherry Hill.  I have a teenage daughter in Haddonfield who keeps me on my toes. I’ve worked for FourPaws for a year now and absolutely love the change in job dynamic.  Nothing makes my day happier than getting  to visit the pups and kitties! Danyell really is efficient, caring and extremely dedicated to her clients and employees. You can never go wrong by choosing Danyell at FourPaws!!  She delivers the best service. 

Carl the model!!! He isn't very happy ab

Emily Sachs, Pet Care Specialist

July, 2018

I’m Emily, a pet care specialist. You’ve probably seen me around the Haddonfield area, I’m the one running up to and greeting every dog I meet. I’m currently in nursing school, and this is the perfect part-time job. There’s nothing like walking a dog to destress after a big exam. I have one pooch myself, a 2 year old chocolate lab, Cooper, and he has changed my life for the better in so many ways. 


I’ve been working with FourPaws for almost a year now and I’ve loved every moment of taking care of your furry friends. Some of the best parts of my days are when I get to a dog and they’re just as happy to see me as I am them. I treat all pets with love and compassion as I would hope someone would do for my dog <3

The art of true relaxation 💗 Carson _ca

Bethaney Feeney, Pet Care Specialist

July, 2018

Hi, I'm Bethaney and I've been working for Four Paws since July 2018. I started out simply pet-
sitting and walking dogs for family and then I met Danyell and was impressed by her dedication

to her clients and their pets. I love the team concept that insures that someone is always available
to care for your pets. I've had pets most of my life so I know how important it is to trust your pets
are being well cared for.
I currently have three cats , Dee, Milla (sisters) and Headly, a large stray cat who invited himself
into our house and hearts 2 years ago.

Rubi Tuesday!!! She is one of the sweete

Sherry Eboch, Pet Care Specialist

July, 2018

Hi!  My name is Sherry & I have been with Four Paws since the summer.  Only in the last 10 years have I had a dog & it has been such a blessing to my life.  The one thing you can count on is that I am out walking my dog at least two times a day.  Walking and being outside is what I enjoy.  I do some dog sitting for acquaintances in my home, which I thoroughly enjoy.  Fortunately I found FourPaws at Moorestown Day & realized that would help my desire to be with dogs and to continue to walk.  It is amazing the different personalities that animals possess.  I love working with FourPaws, and working with the different animals.  I also love cats but my husband is allergic which means I get my kitty-fix when I'm working.  I am most impressed with the integrity of this company and what we can provide for our clients.


Tina Wilson, Pet Care Specialist

June, 2019

Bio  coming soon!


Alison Boggs, Pet Care Specialist

June, 2019

Bio  coming soon!

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