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Q: How many visits do you make per day?

Q: When should I use Pet Sitting services?


  • Mid-day potty breaks

  • Long day away from home

  • Weekend getaways

  • Vacations

  • Business trips

  • Family emergencies



Each client is special and has different requirements. Typically, dogs schedule three to four visits per day and those with cats request one to two visits daily. This can be customized or changed as necessary to meet the needs of your pet(s) and your schedule. FourPaws is happy to accommodate special requirements that are time sensitive as much as possible.

Q: Can my pet(s) come to your home?

No. Four Paws looks after your pet(s) in their own home where they will feel secure. Our insurance does not include care in our home.

Q: Will you take my pet(s) to the dog park?

No, Four Paws insurance does not include dog park visits

Q: What kind of pet(s) do you care for?

FourPaws specializes in care for dogs and cats; however, we will offer individualized care for your other pets in your family, including birds, fish, hamsters etc.

Q: Will you provide updates on how my pet is doing while I am away?

FourPaws uses the TIme to Pet software app, which is specifically for dog walking & pet sitting.  You will receive a GPS time stamped check-in & check out update with photos and a report card for your pet{s) after each visit via email and/or the app.  You'll be notified of any strange behavior or unusual eating habits. 

Q: What if there is a delay in our return from vacation?

 Please call as soon as possible if you come upon this situation so we can make arrangements.  Four paws will continue service until further notice.

Q: What is the key process?


You have the option to purchase a lockbox from FourPaws to keep or provide your own.  

Q: What is the preferred form of payment?


For daily dog walking visits payment is due at the last visit of the week.  Clients who need pet sitting visits must have payment on the day you leave.  At this time we are accepting cash and checks made payable to: FourPaws of South Jersey, LLC.

Q: How do we get started?

The first step is to call, text or email Four Paws. We will set up a FREE consultation. Consultations will be at a convenient time for you, including nights and weekends. This will give us time to meet you and your pet(s) in order to establish the plan of care I provide for your family.

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